You're driving. Something is coming toward you, you can't quite tell just how far away it is. Well that’s what happens most of the time if you have amblyopia as depth perception is severely affected.

Depth perception occurs when your brain combines pictures from both eyes into one 3D image. Depth perception is impacted when one eye is blurry or the eyes aren’t aligned, which can also cause suppression or double vision.

In addition to poor visual acuity, people with amblyopia are more prone to have difficulties with

  • depth perception,

  • eye movements related to reading,

  • visual decision making while driving

Vision is essential for driving as it is a highly visual task.

Good vision helps you identify

  • road hazards,

  • read signs,

  • see your dashboard.

Awareness of common vision-related changes and problems can help you and your loved ones stay safe while driving.

If you struggle with depth perception while driving, especially at night, it can be pretty scary. But there's good news: There are ways to improve your vision to make it a safer, less stressful experience.

A program of Vision Therapy is often necessary to restore full visual function.

CureSee Vision Therapy for patients with lazy eye is an artificial intelligence-based vision therapy program which helps the brain adapt to a change in the relative positions of the eyes and the information they provide. It trains the brain to make use of information coming from both eyes simultaneously and fuse those images together to create binocular vision.

Age is generally not a factor in the success of a vision therapy program as the brain is very adaptable. Recent studies show that there is no magic age when the brain stops learning and changing. Vision therapy helps make changes in the visual pathways no matter the age.

So stop risking any life and visit to book your free counselling today and treat your lazy eye so that you have happy and safe driving.

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