CureSee Vision Therapy


Efficacy of Vision Therapy Software (CureSee) in Amblyopia

Here we did a study on the efficacy of Vision Therapy software in Amblyopia. Among 68 sample (N=68), Visual Acuity improved significantly by 0.14 LogMar to the median values of right rye and by 0.60 LogMar to the median values of the left eye. Stereopsis improved from 800 ± 520 sec of arc to 60 ± 60 sec of arc with P ≤ 0.001. PFV and NFV also improved significantly after the use of Vision Therapy Software. Anaglyphic dichoptic exercises used in CureSee Vision Therapy software are effective in the treatment of Amblyopia.

Binocular amblyopia treatment with contrast-rebalanced movies

In this cohort, passive viewing of contrast-rebalanced dichoptic movies effectively improved visual acuity in amblyopic subjects. The degree of improvement observed was similar to that previously reported for 2 weeks of binocular games treatment and with 3-4 months of occlusion therapy.

Therapy for Amblyopia: A newer perspective

Amblyopia is a reduction of best-corrected visual acuity that cannot be contributed to the structural abnormality of the eye. The prevalence of amblyopia is between 2% and 5%.[1] Amblyopia is associated most commonly with early childhood strabismus and anisometropia and less commonly with ametropia and vision deprivation such as congenital cataract.

Active Vision Therapy for Anisometropic Amblyopia in Children: A Systematic Review

The aim of the study was evaluation of the scientific evidence about the efficacy of vision therapy in children and teenagers with anisometropic amblyopia by performing a systematic literature review.