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You must have heard "You can't teach an old dog new tricks." But recent research in the field of neurology suggests that when it comes to the human brain, that's not true. It just may take a little more time and effort.

Amblyopia is a disorder that can be very effectively treated at any age, despite the longstanding myth that these problems are treatable by the age of 7, Adults can succeed with vision therapy as well as children, due to neuro-plasticity. Neuroplasticity enables your brain to remain dynamic and flexible throughout your life.

Vision therapy is a remarkably effective program that improves vision skills to achieve a clearer and more comfortable vision.

Through a series of therapeutic eye exercises, patients develop normal visual skills. Enhancement of visual skills is achieved by improving the communication between your brain and your eyes.

Additionally, adults are usually highly motivated to improve their visual skills— this gives them the energy to push through any difficult obstacles. Visual function training used in vision therapy can be compared to learning a trade or playing an instrument— the more you practice or train, the stronger and more skillful you will become.

New research shows that age is not a barrier to treatment for Amblyopia when the patient, even an adult patient, is participating in visually interesting techniques that are engaging and designed to “turn-on” the brain function of both eyes working together. Yes, with advanced methods, adults with Amblyopia can be successfully treated.

So when you book our online consultation we run a series of examination that helps us understand your condition and accordingly personalize the therapy as per your needs.

You can start doing the exercises as soon as your subscription is activated and your performance will be monitored by CureSee and based on your improvements you will be given the best advice to achieve better and faster results.

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