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CureSee is an artificial intelligence (AI) based software vision therapy program to treat amblyopia. It is a non-surgical treatment that acts like physical therapy to improve the coordination of the eye and brain.

The goal of this therapy is to treat amblyopia because this cannot be treated with contact lenses, eyeglasses, and surgery. It helps the patient to achieve comfortable, clear binocular vision. Therapy can be done both online and offline as per your convenience.

Each session is one-on-one (therapist-to-patient), conducted under doctor supervision. We focus on providing the latest technology and methods which are personalized as per your needs, which can be done at home or office in the form of fun exercises to develop binocular vision and depth perception, making the treatment fun and productive. Furthermore, our treatment is designed for all ages.



CureSee provides you online consultation so you can get examined from your home and get customized treatment without even stepping out.

You can also choose from the list of our therapy providers in your city and visit them for your eye examination and therapy activation.


Visit our homepage ( and navigate to the slot booking calendar where you can book your FREE Online Counseling slot with CureSee

During Online Counseling, you will answer some questions and perform some tests which will help in the better screening of your eye condition and further counseling which will be then used for tailoring the therapy as per your needs for quick and better results.

After which you can purchase Vision Therapy Plan from the website to get your CureSee Subscription.


After you make the purchase you will receive a CureSee box with your anaglyph (vision therapy glasses).

Depending upon your package, you will be regularly monitored by the CureSee team which will also check your daily reports and guide you including Follow ups scheduled as per your chosen CureSee package.

The team will provide you 24x7 online support.


Average Vision Therapy program is available for six months, results can be seen within two to three months depending on the person’s visual system. Since this therapy is progressive, the results build over time as each program is tailored to the person and their exact vision problem.

At-home vision therapy can be helpful for both adults and children. A comprehensive eye examination is the first step. And after treating the vision problem, success and achievement follow. These improvements are often in:

  • Academic performance

  • Visual memory

  • Work performance

  • Attention and concentration

  • Confidence

  • Attention span

  • Sports

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