Old ways won’t open a new door

CureSee Vision Therapy

As an eye care practitioner, our role is to bridge the gap between science and society.

Professionalism is the foundation of trust that the people in our country have for the doctors, we need to examine our responsibilities and know what works now and what are the technologies that can be used to provide better solutions to our patients so that he/she faces the least discomfort.

The condition of the medical practice is so crucial for the future of the professional as a doctor/ optometrist. But to adapt to new things we need to believe: yes, everything in the world starts with a belief.

The belief that you have will make or break your future. We need to use this belief to drive forward and execute on things that are working rather than sticking to the grey-haired methods of the past.

EYE PATCHING might seem to be the traditional and most widely used treatment method for amblyopia, but it is uncomfortable for the patients as it is often considered parching and adhesive.

It rarely develops the patient’s ability to get normal binocular vision with depth perception, and can also cause eye strain.

Moreover, it is cumbersome to get the child to patch his/her better eye for 6-8 hours every single day which needs adult supervision and if not done properly it can result in other problems like double vision.

So, it becomes our moral responsibility to give the patient the right service that is beneficial for the overall binocular development rather than complaining and dwelling around or just sticking to the traditional methods.

CureSee Vision Therapy is a boon to amblyopia and a substitute for eye patching
  • CureSee provides easy methods of diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment for binocular vision anomalies.
    1. It helps in assessing and managing binocular vision disorders by use of patented dichoptic therapy and offers a wide range of clinically proven and result oriented software-based exercises as therapy. The treatment goal is for the patient to effortlessly function with sound visual skills at a high level of binocularity
  • CureSee address amblyopia with a personalized approach that triggers adaptive learning and helps them achieve proficiency quickly.
    1. Every patient is unique and with individualized and customized therapy by contrast threshold feature it provides the fastest result that’s the sole reason why each session is one-to-one (therapist-to-patient).
  • Age is not a barrier as this therapy is used for all ages using the latest technologies and methods.
    1. It doesn’t matter if you are a 70-year-old patient or a little kid energetic to push through any obstacle.
  • Patients need not visit the clinic to perform the therapy as it can be done at your home or office which works both online and offline.
    1. It contains fun exercises with home and in-office support. It is the only one to provide a 27x7 dedicated patient support call providing the best solution to patients and peace to the practitioner.
    2. It has easy to use interface and is compatible with Windows and macOS.
  • CureSee provides the most affordable and efficient vision therapy
    • Practitioners can enhance the reach of advanced treatment modality to the patients in need, you are also provided anaglyphs free of cost

To make things easier and smoother for patients, CureSee provides a variety of vergence exercises and dichoptic exercises in the form of a game where the patient doesn’t use those displeasing eye patch but special red and blue glasses(anaglyphs) for performing these computer-aided exercises. Results show significant improvement both in stereoacuity and visual acuity.

We can access daily progress reports and graphs of our patients which not only helps us to monitor and manage the patient’s therapy but also helps us in scheduling our visits. With this therapy approach in mind, doctors can be confident that their patients will receive the best care and achieve the best visual outcomes.

It not only improves reading fluency but also perceptual learning techniques show improvement in visual detection, stereo information and contrast sensitivity function, and improved eye and brain coordination.

It is our collective effort that can bring a change to our society. So, why not start CureSee vision therapy today and smash amblyopia.

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