Binocular treatment involves engaging the poorer-seeing eye while the better-seeing eye is open. We call this treatment “monocular fixation in a binocular field (MFBF).

Monocular Fixation in Binocular Field (MFBF) vision therapy, acts as a bridge from monocular to binocular activities, improving the efficiency of the patient’s use of accommodative and binocular systems. The MFBF process enforces the use of one eye at a time, thus the work is "monocular." At the same time, the process calls for both eyes need to be open, seeing at the same time; thus the work is done in a "binocular field." To proceed with therapy, the patient needs to wear anaglyphic glasses. So, each eye will see different content.

Who can be treated with these programs
  • Ocular motility dysfunctions (Eye movement disorders)

  • Non-strabismic binocular disorders (Inefficient Eye teaming)

  • Strabismus (misalignment of the eyes)

  • Amblyopia (Poorly developed vision)

  • Accommodative disorder (Focusing problems)

  • Visual information processing disorders, including visual-motor integration and other sensory modalities

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