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Why CureSee?

Advance your eye care facility with the only AI Based Vision Therapy Solution available everywhere & anywhere, if you are on earth.

World's Most Advanced and Scientifically Proven Vision Therapy Software Worldwide

Experience the most effective Gabor Patch exercises based on clinically proven results for treating Amblyopia or Lazy eye from the comfort of your home.

The only User- friendly Vision Therapy Software SaaS

Technology is no more a challenge. We understand that you are a doctor. Now, practice Vision Therapy in the easiest possible way.

Available both Online and Offline

Amblyopia does not care if you have access to the internet or not but CureSee, on the other hand, does.

Clinical Results to Trust CureSee
An open-access article has been published through Maples Scientific Publishers with the aim of testing the Efficacy of Vision Therapy Software (CureSee) in Amblyopia. Following are the clinical results based on it:

- A total of 68 amblyopic patients were researched in this study, both youngsters and adults who were followed for a period of 6 months under expert supervision.

- Visual Acuity (Eye Sight) improved significantly by 0.60 LogMar to the Median Values of Visual Acuity.

- Stereopsis (depth perception) improved & PFV and NFV also improved significantly after the use of Vision Therapy Software.

- The study has proved that CureSee Vision Therapy Software is the most effective solution available for improving stereopsis, visual acuity, and vergence values in Amblyopic patients.

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