CureSee Vision Therapy


Q. Do I wear CureSee glasses together with prescription glasses or without?

If performing binocular exercises and games you should wear CureSee filter glasses OVER your prescription glasses! If performing monocular games and exercises you should only wear your prescription glasses but with stronger eye patched.

Q. Does it work on a smartphone?

CureSee does not work on the smartphone. For an optimal therapeutic effect, the smallest screens we support are of windows or Mac computer/ laptop

Q. Do I wear an eye patch together with CureSee glasses?

No. If you are performing binocular exercises and games with filter glasses you should not wear an eyepatch. You should wear an eye patch over the stronger eye only when you are performing monocular exercises.

Q. Can I get rid of refraction using CureSee?

No. CureSee can only help with vision dysfunctions that are rooted in the eye muscles performance and bad eye-brain cooperation. It can improve visual acuity, depth perception, and other binocular visual functions.

Q. Do I need an internet connection to use CureSee?

No. it is not necessary to have an internet connection as CureSee can be downloaded to perform exercises offline. However, when you do exercise online the reports are updated to your eye specialist directly in real-time.

Q. How do I download CureSee?

On the CureSee panel, click on download to start downloading your CureSee exercises on your computer.

Q. How can I see my progress?

On the CureSee panel, click on reports and you can view reports of each exercise.

Q. I have missed my exercises for few days, will this affect my progress?

Yes. We recommend you to perform exercises daily without fail for the best results.

Q. Can I share the exercise with my siblings?

No. the exercises are medically customized as per the need and physiological condition of the patient thus cannot be shared with anyone else.

Q. How can I set contrast?

On your CureSee panel, go to setting and you will see 2 circles (1 red and 1 blue). Wear red and blue glasses(CureSee anaglyphs) and select minimum level contrast where you can just start seeing the circle, (i.e, minimum contrast threshold).

Q. How do I extend my package?

Please contact your practitioner/hospital or mail to CureSee.


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